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İngilizce Mektup Çeşitleri

Okul olsun, iş başvurusu olsun, tebrik olsun bu mektuplar her yerde karşımıza çıkacaktır.. 5 çeşit mektup bulunmaktadır bunlar;

1- Formal Letter (Resmi mektup)
2- Kutlama mektubu
3- Özgeçmiş
4- İnformal Letter (gayri-resmi mektup)
5- Teşekkür mektubu


Saint st. BM.112
no:53 California,Usa

[gönderenin adresi.]

MAIN STREAM 21 April 2002
5 King house
Leyland LY3 GTH [gidecek adres]

Dear Sir/Madam, [hitab]

The reason for writing this second letter is that I still haven't got the fax machine although I have paid the money.[konunun özü]
It is four weeks since I paid the money for the fax machine ,but I haven't got the fax machine yet,in addition I paid its money in advance as you know.Unless you send the fax machine in one week ,I want my money back .This is the last letter about this subject. [konu]

Yours faitfully


[imzanız,ad soyadınız]



Noel way st. no:53
gf1 Sanfransisco,USA [gönderenin adresi]

04.03.2009 [tarih]

Dear Mr.Coloney, [hitab/alıcının ismi]

We hear that Anna has completed her Language Course succesfully and that she made a very good recoed for herself in the course.You must be proud of her feat,and we became very happy when we heart that.[kutlama msj.]

Please give Anna our congraculations and our best wishes for her feat and happiness in her new course.

Sicerely yours

Mr. and Mrs. Doobly [kutlayan kişilerin ismi]




Phone: (555)555-5555 Address: 87 Washington Street, Hopedale NY 11233 email: [email]xxxxxxx@xyz.edu[/email]

EDUCATION [eğitim]

XYZ UNIVERSITY: Hopedale, NY: BA in American Studies
Cumulative GPA: 3.93

(Summer 1999)

AMERICAN UNIVERSITY: Washington, DC: Washington Semester in American Politics
(Spring 1999)


U.S. Department of Education: Intern, Office of the Deputy Secretary Washington, DC
(Spring 1999)

Generated concise written synopses of current legislative action for use by the Department, Congress members, and the general public through the ED website
Researched and presented to policymakers several successful school design and construction projects to support the Administration’s “Schools as Centers of Community” proposal

Washington Semester Independent Research Project: American University
(Spring 1999)

Examined how the increasing dependence of needy students on federal loans instead of grants for higher education has affected college access and enrollment; culminating in 65-page paper

Historical Society of Saratoga Springs: Research Assistant Hopedale, NY
(Spring 1998)

Researched archival materials, wrote text panels and selected objects for a historical exhibit on Saratoga in the 1930s


Vice President/Academic Affairs: Student Government Association XYZ University

Chaired 60-member body representing each academic department and student perspectives on curricular issues
Participated in college-wide policy decisions concerning such ethical issues as the sale of cigarettes on campus
Made detailed oral and written presentations of curricular reform actions in public student fora

Presidential Search Committee: XYZ University

Served as one of two students on a college-wide committee to nominate the sixth President of XYZ University, through all stages including:
A detailed self-study of institutional needs and goals to determine selection criteria
Search for, and hire of, a higher-education specialty consultant
Written evaluation of each applicant, interviews and final recommendation to the Board of Trustees

Honors Forum Council: Student Body Representative XYZ University

Set goals and guidelines for the first two years of Skidmore’s innovative, comprehensive honors program whose mission is to increase intellectual engagement and academic rigor in students’ freshman and sophomore years

ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES [Ekstra aktiviteler]

Student Alumni Society: Founding Member XYZ University

Committee on Academic Freedoms: Student Representative XYZ University

Skidmore Orchestra: French Horn XYZ University

American Studies Club: Secretary XYZ University

COMPUTER/LANGUAGE SKILLS [Bilgisayar/Dil Yetenekleriniz]

Proficient in written and spoken German

Extensive experience with html language, Netscape and Explorer, Lexis-Nexis and Microsoft Word



09770 Nazilli,AYDIN [gönderenin adresi]

04.03.2009 [tarih]

Dear Emily, [sevgili ...]

Hi!It has been a long time since we spent our holiday in Turkiye.I want to thank for your greeting card .It was kind of you. [yazma amacı]

I started to work final exams finally.I hope you also passed the exams which you mentioned me before.My last exams haven't started yet,but they are getting near.Anyway,I am looking forward to this summer holiday.We can spend our holiday in Antalya this year or anywhere you want to come.That's all for now ... [konu]

Hoping to see you soon here,bye! [sonlandırma cümlesi]

(İmzanız buraya)



Sun st. no:2/8
Ap.1 Wahington D.C,USA [gönderenin adresi]

04.03.2009 [tarih]

Dear Mrs Doodly, [alıcının ismi]

I can't tell you how pleasent I am that you have remembered my birthday .It was kind of you to call me for my birthday.In addition I received your nice greeting card this morning.

Thank you a lot for your these wishes...

Sincerely yours


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